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My composition work has taken shape in original music, often featuring collaborations with other musicians. I'm of the stripe that the best music comes when people work and play together, sharing ideas and responding to another's.

Level:Black Grom Irasci Nonsequiturus Illogicuus dance works


These pieces were composed in or around 1992-93, for what became my first directed project for modern dance. Humboldt State University.

I remain unequivocally proud of these pieces. I'd been working in the digital audio realm just a few years at this point, and was still making many more mistakes than I wanted. Twenty-five-plus years later, I have no regrets. I not only learned how to compose and arrange with samples, but had the great fortune of being able to present an entire finished concert to an enthusiastic and appreciative audience. Yes, it was a bit sloppy in hindsight.

Yes, it was the first time an undergrad had produced and directed an entire dance performance almost entirely on their own at one of the strongest theatre schools in the United States.