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My composition work has taken shape in original music, often featuring collaborations with other musicians. I'm of the stripe that the best music comes when people work and play together, sharing ideas and responding to another's.

Level:Black Grom Irasci Nonsequiturus Illogicuus dance works

the current, essentially solo, studio project. The initial iteration was developed as an outlet for both the imaginations of unpleasant subject matter (i.e. the origins of "industrial music") as well as experiments in military applications of sound, primarily battlefield and crowd-control. This version is a more personal approach, focused on the interpretation of my own past life experiences and trauma. Likely still alien to the casual or "pop music" aficionado, yet honest and true to myself nevertheless...
"Exegesis"   "Dominion"   "Thingy For KJW"
a years-long study into my own experience navigating the mental health establishment.   my dear friend Miss Mutation gave her blessing to my adding the 'Blacktrack to the video I shot.   created for a young lady who inspired a bit of wackness. My version of "being romantic."