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My composition work has taken shape in original music, often featuring collaborations with other musicians. I'm of the stripe that the best music comes when people work and play together, sharing ideas and responding to another's.

Level:Black Grom Irasci Nonsequiturus Illogicuus dance works

a live improv ensemble in which I play acoustic and sampled percussion alongside a select few outstanding instrumentalists. The project is ongoing, but remains somewhat sporadic by design.

This live recording, made on 19 May 2012 at Plan B in Portland, Oregon, features:

The Inimitable SunFalls on Cello and Sloshy Sounds
The Mighty Skrog on Runchtronics
The Dastardly Kher on Pokey/Bonky Things

A kind and generous review of the entire "Analog Forest (monstrosity) Symposium" was made by one of our guests that evening, and can be viewed here.