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The list below is loosely based on categories, and while I make no guarantees about what may or may not be there at any given moment, they're still pretty nifty places to start. All links will open a new page; to come back here, just close the current one.

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The first sample library I purchased was Soniccouture's "Compact Gamelan." I did so after reading Wade Davis' "The Serpent And The Rainbow," and his comment within about a Zen "koan."

I looked up "koan," and found it was the name first given to the software that was to become Intermorphic's Software "Noatikl." I became fascinated with Balinese Gamelan in my freshman year of college (having exploited King Crimson's "Indiscipline" as a contemporary Western work influenced by the tradition for my "World Music" course), and the idea of having computer-generated aleatoric music with a professionally-sampled Gamelan orchestra fascinated me. It's been downhill from there, in a manner of speaking.

I don't make enough to purchase all the libraries I *adore* from these publishers, but I've put a great deal of seriously-focused listening into their work. The love of music that's gone into each I've heard is obvious. If anyone wanted to treat me to some professional resources, these are the first places I'd start.

Listen to their demos. And BUY THEIR STUFF.


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