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The list below is loosely based on categories, and while I make no guarantees about what may or may not be there at any given moment, they're still pretty nifty places to start. All links will open a new page; to come back here, just close the current one.

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I'm an Apple guy, and have been since 1989. I was very happy (if often confused) with my MacPlus, TurboSynth and Digidesign Sound Designer II rig, back in the proverbial day. Working out the basics of digital audio took time on a home computer, but the lessons learned remain true today.

Of the links offered below, only Ableton has Windows support. I have familiarity with the Android platform, but my stagework relies on both the Mac and iOS platforms. Most audio software has been fairly interchangeable across platform since the late 90s, and the composer experience is one of personal preference. If what you use works for you, stick with it.