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It's a great onomatopoeic word.

I learned decades ago that the only hope of understanding an artist is to learn what makes them tick. What inspires and drives, what they've learned from, mistakes they've made, and what they hope to achieve. When choosing or composing music for a particular character in a show, I often badger the director about the character's "backstory." What music s/he loves, what they can't stand, et cetera. This informs my design decision, and strengthens the show's "believability."

This page is offered as an opportunity for the curious to have some insight into my process. It allows me to present a motley assortment of links that inspire and/or amuse me. I'm opting to group them under three overly-broad categories. This will hopefully make it easier to navigate, but obviously the divisons are arbitrary.

All links open to new pages, so feel free to come back here when you're done, or perhaps your curiosity will be piqued enough to wander off on another tangent.

a note on copyright:

I have no way of verifying whether or not the hosts of these links are in accordance with the law and common decency, in regards to intellectual property rights. While I'm typically paid a flat-fee for my cues, I have had my own work appear on Cyrillic-language torrent sites. It's illegal, but less annoying to me than artists who depend on streaming payments for ther income.

If you have reason to believe any link I provide cites an illegal source, please do file a complaint with the host.

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